Mobile Mini Pig Hoof Trimming

Mobile Mini Pig Hoof Trimming

Mobile Mini Pig Hoof Trimming | The Mini Pig Farrier in Texas

Pig hoof trimming is needed for miniature pigs? Where to start? Hoof trimming is essential for miniature pigs. Long hooves have a tendency to curl and hook. Maintaining ideal angles on your pigs' hooves will ensure a happy, active, and healthy life. Overgrown hooves affect weight distribution on each joint. Long dew claws offer less balance and traction. Too-short dewclaws cause issues. Mini pig hoof trimming is an art.


Cracks can hide beneath old layers of hoof. Fungal and bacterial infections can be properly treated. Hoof wall separation can be properly addressed. To clarify, hoof care is crucial. Mini pigs live 15-20 years; in order to live healthy, long lives, they need comfortable feet.

There are many aspects to mini pig hoof trimming. Many hoof trimmers fail to address issues. As a result, hoof issues occur over time. A diagnosis of crippling arthritis is the last thing any pig owner wants to hear. Subsequently, these cases come to The Mini Pig Farrier ™ as a last resort before being euthanized. These same cases are now able to move with ease up and down stairs, root freely outdoors, and run again! Our vast knowledge, patience and skill has made The Mini Pig Farrier ™ the most sought after pig hoof trimmer across multiple states and countries.


This is a very common question asked about in the miniature pig community.

We will be honest here.

There is no generalized answer. Every pig is different.

What that means, for example, is every pig has a differing conformation, genetic composition, environment, nutrition, and activity level. All of these factors greatly impact how quickly a pigs' hooves grow and how often they may need routine trimming. In our experiences, pigs average between 3, 6, and 12 month rotations based on the factors listed above.

By learning how to provide hoof care for your pet mini pig, you can make sure your pig does not get too long overdue for a trim by having the confidence and know-how to perform pig hoof trimming or learn ways to help your pig self-maintain at home.


Most importantly, The Mini Pig Farrier ™ trims miniature pig hooves without sedation. Sedation and pigs do not mix well. Side effects of sedation include: lethargy, upset stomach, vomiting, lack of body temperature regulation, and above all, a high risk of not waking up. Sedation-free hoof and tusk trimming is possible. The Mini Pig Farrier ™ has proven this hundreds of times with clients all over the nation, and continues at their hosted location in Gatesville, Texas. Routine procedures do not require sedation. Save that for surgery.


What set The Mini Pig Farrier ™ apart from every pig hoof trimmer early on in the industry is our original and continued use of solely filing tools. Johnathon runs multiple Hoof Boss Mobile tools to file and shape mini pig hooves. A rotary tool does the final touches. Filing tools have proven to be the safest and most effective tools for pig hooves. For example: horse nippers and other pinching tools are typically not serviced as regularly as they should for use on dense pig hooves. They have a tendency to crush hooves, often leading to cracks. Filing tools offer the best precision to shape miniature pig hooves which grow in layers similar to a tree ring. A filing tool allows gradual length removal and the opportunity to discover imperfections and cracks without compromising hoof wall integrity.


The Mini Pig Farrier ™ is available by appointment only for mini pig hoof trimming and tusk trimming. We provide both house calls in eight Texas counties regularly and accept appointments from pig parents with the ability to transport to us. 


Send us an email at the button below to request services at a date/time most convenient for your schedule.

Include the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • # of pigs
  • Recent hoof images

This helps us give an accurate quote and check appointment slot availability more quickly.

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We consider cases outside current service areas for one-time appointments.

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Note: TMPF used to travel nationwide from 2017-2020 to provide mobile services. However, we now only service 8 counties in the state of Texas.

Mini Pig Hoof Trimming in Texas | The Mini Pig Farrier | Georgetown TXMini Pig Hoof Trimming in Texas

The Mini Pig Farrier is based in Central Texas, USA. We provide mobile mini pig hoof trimming services in the following Texas counties:

  • Coryell County (Copperas Cove, Gatesville, Jonesboro, Purmela)

  • McLennan County (Waco, Hewitt, Moody, Crawford)

  • Lampasas County (Lampasas, Kempner, Lometa)

  • Bell County (Killeen, Belton, Temple, Harker Heights, Rogers, Salado, Nolanville)

  • Hamilton County (Hamilton, Hico)

  • Llano County (Llano, Kingsland, Buchanan Dam)

  • Burnet County (Burnet, Marble Falls, Bertram)

  • Williamson County (Georgetown, Taylor, Round Rock, Liberty Hill, Cedar Park, Florence, Hutto)

Mini Pig Hoof Trimming Service Pricing

We charge by time, not per service. This tends to be more cost effective for multiple pig households in the long run.

  • Appointments for mini pig hoof trimming start at $100 for a 30-minute appointment slot. This is an average time for most routine hoof trims and tusk trims as needed.
  • Additional time as needed is charged at $50 per 15-minute increment thereafter.
  • Overgrown hooves and specialty cases (crack repair, hoof rebuilding) may take longer.

Mobile Mini Pig Hoof Trimming Trip Fee

Trip fees are typically $50-75 in the following counties:

  • Coryell County
  • McLennan County
  • Lampasas County
  • Bell County
  • Hamilton County
  • Llano County
  • Burnet County
  • Williamson County

For Llano, Burnet, and Williamson county, we require at least 4 stops on our schedule per booked day minimum to cover mileage further south.

In addition to services in the counties listed, we may consider other locations for a one-time appointment. If you are outside of the counties listed above and are unable to transport your pig(s) to us for hoof care, please email us. Include your address and recent hoof images. We accept these types of appointments on occasion, however, we cannot guarantee availability.

Note: The Mini Pig Farrier is currently training our first legacy trimmer as of April 2022! Please be aware there may be a third party present at your scheduled appointment.

Texas Mobile Mini Pig Hoof Trimming Calendar

(subject to change depending on weather conditions and interest)



Don't see your area on the calendar? You may have just missed a group route! Please email us to find out when we will be back in your area. If we're available to come out for a single stop appointment, we'll let you know our availability as well.


Note: The Mini Pig Farrier has never been affiliated with any other service including Clover Green/Greens Mobile Hoof Trimming or Emily/Mohr Method trimmers.