Book A Pig Hoof Trimming Appointment

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Book A Pig Hoof Trim Appointment

We are happy you have chosen to book a pig hoof trim appointment with us. We provide two types of services:

Mobile Mini Pig Hoof Trimming

Texas Counties Served as of November 2021:

  • Coryell County
  • McLennan County
  • Lampasas County
  • Bell County
  • Hamilton County

If you're outside of these counties, please contact us. In some cases we may be able to make special accommodations.

Mini Pig Hoof Trimming for Pig Parents Transporting to Us

Live a bit further out but have a pig in need of sedation-free mini pig hoof trimming? We have a pig hoof trimming clinic set up on our homestead in Gatesville, Texas. Transport to us and we'd be happy to get your miniature pig looking and feeling better on their hooves.

Request to Book a Mini Pig Hoof Trim

NOTE: As of September 1, 2021, we book by-appointment only due to our homesteading and event schedule.

Tap the button below t send us an email. We are often able to accommodate same-week for most pig parents.

Book with The Mini Pig Farrier

For clients coming from further distances or with 10+ pigs, please contact us if you need to make booking arrangements 30+ days in advance.

Please contact us AT LEAST 48 hours in advance should you need to reschedule/cancel to avoid a cancellation fee. New and existing clients who no-call/no-show, do not have someone over the age of 18 present on site, or continuously arrive late may be refused trimming services altogether.

DO NOT give any types of sedatives prior to transport or prior to our arrival. We will have to refuse service for the health and safety of your animal if they present sedated symptoms and locomotion. Giving excess food and water prior to a pig being flipped on their back is also risky and we must refuse service in those cases.

Join our Facebook group Mini Pig Hoof Trimming by The Mini Pig Farrier to learn more about miniature pig hoof trimming and hoof care.

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