About John Goltz | The Mini Pig Farrier


About Johnathon Goltz

Owner/Mini Pig Hoof Trimmer

Johnathon is the mini pig farrier known as “Uncle John” to every pig he works with. Originally from Wisconsin, John joined the Army and was stationed at Fort Hood for nine years. John has a long history working with livestock of many species at a young age. His formal education includes degrees in Agriculture and Horticulture. Above all, John has hundreds of hours of research and development of the pig hoof trimming trade. Johnathon is the fabricator/inventor of The Mini Pig Rig pig holding device. John works countless hours toward improving the industry. He aims to personally train professional teams and confident owners willing to learn how to maintain their pigs' hooves to relieve the demand.

When not covered in hoof dust, John's other passion is wire art. Check out his website The Twisted Woodland to learn more. In addition, his other interests include film and digital photography, carpentry, organic gardening, and long naps.

About Katelyn Goltz | The Mini Pig Farrier

About Katelyn Goltz

Co-Owner/Administrative Director

Katelyn wears many hats and is the backbone of The Mini Pig Farrier’s operations. Her family’s entrepreneurial background helped instill the importance of ethics, self-motivation, and organization. In short, Katelyn has worked in varying animal industries to include grooming, animal boarding, and veterinarian services. The first pig Katelyn had ever seen in person, however, was the first pig she and John trimmed together. Most clients talk to Katelyn as the social media manager. Kate pieces John’s hoof trimming expertise into smoothly flowing blogs and course material. She believes education should be available to those willing to learn.

Katelyn has a passion for graphics design and coaching small businesses toward success. On the other hand, her personal interests include canine training, nutrition consulting, bringing awareness surrounding Multiple Sclerosis, and crafting bath + body products.

About The Mini Pig Farrier

The Mini Pig Farrier is a Veteran owned small business based out of Central  Texas. USA. Founded with the mission to improve the quality of life of mini pigs, TMPF became a household name overnight. John's signature pig handling and hoof trimming skills paired with Katelyn's customer service and route organization, The Mini Pig Farrier scheduled routes across the USA from 2018 - 2020. Now, TMPF is focusing on building online and in-person training courses for pig parents and professionals interested in furthering their hoof care skills for miniature pigs.

All pig hoof trimming tool choices, skills, methods, and techniques are from The Mini Pig Farrier’s own findings and trials throughout our specialization in working on solely miniature pig hooves. Some have attempted, however, no pig hoof trimmer holds the same standard, ethics, and quality of work in the industry as The Mini Pig Farrier . In conclusion, choosing The Mini Pig Farrier not only provides a better quality of life for your pig, you are supporting a small business built on transparency, reliability, and compassion.