The Mini Pig Farrier Asks:

Do you feel hog-tied by a pig hoof trimmer?

Everyday, myths and rumors are spread from businesses/hobbyists proclaiming the only way an owner’s pig can be helped is by hiring their services to drive or fly to them. You might have been told:

  • You aren’t educated enough to do it.
  • It takes being a “real” professional to know the anatomy of a pig.
  • When it comes to balancing toes, you will never understand what that means or how to do it.

That’s quite insulting when you think about it, but you believe them. You’d rather them be the “bad guy” anyhow.

The problem is, there aren’t a lot of pig hoof trimmers worldwide.

This is a fact.

So one day you hear of or talk to one willing to come through.


You finally have an answer to your prayers.

Then comes the pricing information and deposit to book.

For some household incomes, it’s nothing.

For others, it’s re-prioritizing the budget:

  • Taking out a personal loan to afford trims
  • Draining the savings account
  • Racking up credit cards
  • Skipping a utility bill or two
  • Picking up a few extra shifts at work

To top it all off, there’s a new trend happening lately where trimmers:

  • No-call/no-show on pig parents and rescues
  • Respond to say they are on their way to you with little to no notice (sometimes these trimmers never communicated you were booked)
  • Arrive, make up a silly excuse as to why they cannot trim your pig(s), then leave [keeping your trip fee]

Then, if you get a trimmer who actually shows up, you might be surprised to learn the bill keeps getting higher and higher with every future appointment.

It’s easy to lose trust in a pig hoof trimmer at that point. 

This is a cycle of madness repeating over and over again for so many pig owners.

We know.

Personally, we heard these stories time and time again while traveling nationwide from 2017 – 2020.

Sadly, we see it across social media constantly.

The truth is…

Many pig owners who ARE capable of hoof care at home.

Most just lack the fundamental education and skills to perform an art that is not openly talked about.

That is to say…

Spoiler alert: Most pig hoof trimmers prefer repressing owners so pig parents continue to rely on them.

Shady, isn’t it?

The Mini Pig Farrier Miniature Pig Hoof Trimming Solution

We at The Mini Pig Farrier believe mini pig owners can master the fundamentals and perform basic sedation-free mini pig hoof trimming at home without having to solely rely on these rare traveling unicorns (like ourselves from 2017-2021) before working on this project.

Maybe you don’t believe us.

For example: We know for a fact pig owners have successfully performed hoof trimming at home solely with the bits of information we have freely posted across our Facebook Page, Instagram, Pinterest, and blog. This doesn’t include the hundreds of posts over the last few years we have personally responded to across various mini pig Facebook groups with owners asking for advice or help.

It is time the miniature pig community is given options and education when it comes to hoof care.

If you are a pig parent or sanctuary overwhelmed from the conflicting information that surrounds mini pig hoof trimming and hoof maintenance, we are here for you.

Whether you want to trim your pigs’ hooves or not, we are here for you.

Something not seem right based on information you were given by another trimmer? We are here for you!

It is time access to tried-and-proven information becomes available, because we know first-hand there are far too many pig parents than there are mini pig hoof trimmers. Pig owners should have the choice to become confident and capable in providing the highest quality of life for their miniature pigs at home, with or without a regular trimmer.

We will take you behind the scenes to learn and apply the very same methods we have developed and used to become the most recommended, referred, and trusted specialized sedation-free mini pig hoof trimming service in America.

Sign up for the newsletter below and begin your journey toward lifelong enrichment as a pig parent. In the meantime, check out our blog for common topics regarding hoof care.

Miniature Pig Hoof Trimming Services

The Mini Pig Farrier handed the torch to Her Animals Hoof Care in 2022 to continue our trimming legacy. Tori and Michael service Texas and Louisiana in the USA.

Mini Pig Hoof Trimming Requirements

Hoof care is inevitable at some point in a pet pig’s life. While environment plays a factor, unexpected injuries may require hoof care sooner. Some traveling trimmers have very strict requirements when it comes to the breeds they may work with, in addition to whether or not they will service a pig that is unaltered. What do if your pig has their family jewels? Some trimmers incorrectly claim Kune Kune breeds never need hoof care, when in fact, many do if kept as a long-term pet.


Miniature Pig Hoof Trimming Without Sedation

ALL information given by The Mini Pig Farrier has been under case studies and trims without sedation. Your pig needs little to no recovery* to figure out their new trotters, and you both can be on your way back to your daily routine as soon as they are back on their feet! Gone are the myths of using dangerous sedatives and beer as risky tools for routine hoof care.

The Mini Pig Farrier Maintenance Hoof Care for Miniature Pigs | Online  Mini Pig Hoof Trimming Educational Blog

*recovery time depends on multiple factors to include: overgrown hoof length, crack repair, hoof rebuilding, temperament (if they kick/fight the whole time), corrective trimming.

The Mini Pig Farrier Professional Experience Course

Learn the ins and outs of running an efficient business as a professional hoof trimmer. Covering social media management, website design, efficient route booking, and smooth customer experience, we have mastered the back end of this industry. This course benefits any mobile service provider from pig hoof trimmers, livestock trimmers, horse farriers, and pet groomers. TBA!